In-house programmes

The College's enterprise curriculum forms the foundation of our in-house programmes.

The four enterprises give students the opportunity to put into practice the skills they have learnt in other areas of College, and to develop new skills in a realistic setting. Each enterprise provides a practical work environment designed to develop a range of transferable skills.

Students provide a service to the College through the enterprises, which means that the work is real and gives them a sense of pride and satisfaction in their achievements.

All of the enterprises are backed up by the Therapies team to embed speech and language therapy and physiotherapy into the day-to-day activities. As part of their timetable, students also develop literacy and numeracy, IT and braille skills (where appropriate) in small group sessions.

Bell Bar

Student serving a drink in the Bell Bar

Students run the College catering facility, known as the Bell Bar, which provides food and refreshments for staff, students and visitors to the College. Students working in this environment benefit from the experience of providing a much needed service. Daily tasks include:

  • preparing hot and cold food for lunches
  • serving drinks and meals
  • using the till
  • meeting and greeting visitors
  • setting tables
  • many more tasks associated with a catering and hospitality environment

Students can practice their cookery skills whilst also gaining an understanding of health and safety, food hygiene, healthy eating and nutrition. They also interact with customers on a regular basis, developing communication and money handling skills.

Sell4U and College Shop

Student and staff member processing orders for ebay

The Sell4U eBay enterprise and the College Shop are designed to develop students' creative and retail skills in a stimulating business environment. Tasks in the shop include purchasing stock, pricing goods, displaying stock and serving customers.

Students also run their own eBay selling service known as Sell4U. This involves sorting through donations, weighing items, photographing items, inputting data on the site, emailing customers and prospective buyers and taking sold items to the local post office. The process develops students' use of IT, literacy and numeracy, team work and communication skills.

Arts Centre and Craft Studio

Student making badges in the Arts Centre

The College Arts Centre and Craft Studio enterprises have been designed to tap into students' creativity. Both have become hubs for all creative activity, including performing arts, singing, dancing and music in the College. Students can also get involved with filming, prop making, behind the scenes organisation, lighting and audio, all the things that make a production successful. Students also participate in craft activities and produce seasonal items to be sold in the College Shop and at College events.

The room is used to host local artists' exhibitions and community events which are organised and advertised by the students, increasing their involvement within the local community.

College Office

Student locating files in the College Office

This enterprise is the College's main office and students complete administrative tasks for other departments within the College and for local companies and organisations. This gives students the opportunity to learn how to carry out common office tasks including: sending internal emails, collecting and processing stationery orders and using office equipment such as the photocopier, binder and laminator. This environment helps students to develop IT, work-related skills and communication skills.