Ofsted Inspectors Grade RNIB College Loughborough Good

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Ofsted Inspectors Grade RNIB College Loughborough Good

Posted: Wed, 05 Feb 2014 12:06

Ofsted Inspectors Grade RNIB College Loughborough Good

During November 2013 the College received a full Ofsted education inspection involving three inspectors over three days. It improved on its 2008 grading despite a new, more rigorous inspection regime. It now rates good in all three areas: Outcomes for Learners, Teaching and Learning, and Leadership and Management. Quotes from the report follow.

Student opportunities. "Leaders and managers are very focused on providing a good range of opportunities for students to improve their personal, social and communication skills in realistic living, working and creative settings."

Work placements. "Students develop their skills through a wide range of work placements."

Communication skills. "Students benefit significantly from the very effective development of their communication skills." Inspectors then went on to add that "Many students make good use of sign language and symbols to initiate communication or respond to queries."

Personal skills. "Teaching, learning and assessment are good and contribute very effectively to the development of students' personal and social skills and to the high achievement of accredited qualifications. They gain life skills very well through the enterprise learning environment."

Behaviour. "Very effective behaviour management strategies enable students to participate fully in all activities and begin to better manage their own behaviour."

Therapies. "The speech and language therapist works very well with tutors to implement communication strategies" and "Speech and language therapy, physiotherapy, and support for students with visual impairment are very good."

Teamwork. "Highly effective teamwork between tutors, support staff and therapists help students to develop their communication skills, their ability to make their own choices and engage fully in their learning."

Governors. "The governing body are kept well informed and contribute successfully to shaping the college's strategic direction. They are highly effective in monitoring the quality of provision and meet their statutory duties well."

College Principal Tony Warren said "it is great to see our strengths formally recognised and we will continue to build upon these. I want to thank all staff for their continued hard work and energy which makes our College such a great place to learn and work." Chair of Governors, John Kershaw said "Everyone should be proud of this because it means what it says – RNIB College is good. We can also be proud that there has been an improvement from the 2008 result despite the more rigorous process. Crucially, my belief is that the College is consistently improving the student experience, and the outcomes they achieve, and consistently creating a vibrant and welcoming environment."

The full Ofsted inspection report is available on our website: https://www.rnibcollege.ac.uk/inspection-reports or on the official Ofsted website: http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/inspection-reports/find-inspection-report/provider/ELS/131990

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