RNIB College Loughborough students Skype with students at Keskuspuisto Vocational College

Posted: Tue, 17 Mar 2015 16:08

Last year we welcomed Finnish Teacher, Maria Rutenberg to the College. She was visiting from Keskuspuisto College, a vocational special needs college in Finland, on a two-week educational visit. During her time with staff and students we agreed it would be great to continue the link. We decided on a Skype call, and had the first one in November. Students introduced themselves to their Finnish counterparts, and decided it would be interesting to speak further. Since the New Year, there have been monthly calls. Students have had discussions about social activities, sports, adaptive equipment, JAWS software, exams and braille. Students have each had the opportunity to ask questions, and when translation has proved difficult, Maria has supported the conversation.

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