Therapies Team

The College has its own in-house Therapies Team that work across all areas of the College and residential accommodation to support students during their time here.

Staff work with current therapists a student may use to maintain consistency and to smooth the transition process into College. Students are assessed before they start and during their programme to tailor the support and to respond to any changes in abilities, disability or health conditions.

Speech and language therapy

Speech, language and communication therapy is integrated into the curriculum and provided by our in-house speech and language team and can be delivered through a combination of one-to-one sessions, group sessions, support in class or on work placements. The College can support students with their communication aids, Makaton, signs and symbols.

The speech and language therapy team aims to help students to:

  • access and participate in College life
  • communicate their needs and make effective independent choices
  • develop the communication skills required for the future

Young person using a gym ball


Our in-house physiotherapist assesses and observes students during their initial assessment and whilst on their programme.

The physiotherapist works in group and individual sessions to help students gain an understanding of their physical abilities and improve their lifestyle through planned exercise programmes. Students can improve their mobility, balance and co-ordination and develop their confidence.

Other therapies

The College has access to a wide range of therapists to support individual student needs, if you have particular requirements please contact the College.

Other therapists available could include:

  • low vision specialists
  • ASD consultants